Company Values

Service – To provide our internal and external Customers with a secure, reliable and timely response to their needs.

Culture – A work place that enjoys Exuberant Fun & Happiness built on Servant leadership and accessibility that inspires Trust & Loyalty, encourages teamwork. .....We inspire each other to participate in adding to the unique environment that will encourage each of us to perform at a high level while enjoying work.

Integrity. No Question!

Reputation – One that displays a company that is a leader in the industry, community and preserving the environment. ....Our reputation is displayed by what others think of us not how we perceive ourselves. To preserve this we are constantly soliciting outside opinions to validate our reputation.

Passion - “We Never apologize for Passion”. ....At Total Storage we encourage passionate exchanges of individual thoughts and idea’s. Individual expression is not a sin but a central value. In short whether you are upset or excited we want to hear from you

Persistence - Create an environment that encourages continuous improvement through self motivation, personal development, team unity and vision.

Serving the greater Greenville and Spartanburg Areas