Purchase Shipping Containers

Total Storage Services provides quality shipping containers for sale in various sizes and types ranging from 10ft to 53ft units.  These units can be used for anything from:

  • Hay/Livestock feed storage
  • She sheds
  • Hunt club storage (ATV's, Corn, etc.)
  • Sports equipment
  • Prepping
  • Storm shelters
  • Garden / Hydroponics
  • Bait houses 

Options include:

  • Standards 8'6"
  • High Cubes 9'6"
  • Double Doors
  • One Trip Units (New only used once in shipping)

Appearance & Grade Type:

  • Grade A-D
  • WWT - One Trips 

Containers can be purchased as-is, or we can modify containers to custom specifications (from paint to doors, windows and more).

Learn more about Custom Modifications


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