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Solar-powered field offices remotely control compost operations.

Atlas Organics came to Total Storage to create a remote field office to manage blowers in commercial composting fields. We created a mobile office that can operate on solar power while being a remotely-operated control center for the composting blowers and process. Total Storage came up with utilizing 20-foot container with a small 8-foot office inside that is accessible from the exterior while still providing enough space in the cargo area of the box to install power converters and battery packs, along with control panels. Solar panels were then installed on the roof of the container to provide the power to the batteries and power the unit as well as the blowers. This unit allowed them to further expand into new markets without the large overhead of office space and additional man power, making these new sites extremely efficient to operate as start-up locations.   The pilot build worked so well for them, they came back to us to build four more—that is always the largest compliment to us.  

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